Shaping questions, getting answers and making arguments, these are some skills that NAD contributes in workshops with youths from all over the Arab World.

Learn more about the skill-building workshops that NAD offers to youth.

Asking questions is easy, but getting the answers we want is much harder. So how can we can make our questions more effective? And how can the use of research and facts help us build out questions and arguments?

Those are the exactly what the NAD workshops explore.

As well as hosting public, televised debates, NAD holds workshops to help build skills used in debating and question asking. The workshops aim to help young people develop their skills so they’ll be able to improve their question asking, debating or presentations abilities.

We focus on challenging questions- using facts to ask tough, direct questions.

We encourage those attending the workshops to also attend the NAD public debates to put their skills to the test by questioning the speakers.