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Shape the debate 

Our debates are conducted with plenty of passion. But we believe the best and most powerful ingredients are facts. The better the facts, the more informed and targeted the sessions.

And that's where you come in.

Whatever topic we choose, some of you are going to possess some pretty important inside information about it. We'd like you to share it with us. We will protect your identity scrupulously and use the information solely to inform our discussions.

Having said that, please don't give us opinions. We're looking for facts that we can check or sources that we can approach.

Help us raise the issues that matter and ask the questions that count.

That way, we might all get a little closer to the truth.


How can you help?

How would you like to help?

give infoSend factual information about a topic
suggest a topicSuggest a topic for debate
suggest a speakerSuggest a speaker
volunteer to speakVolunteer to speak
organiseVolunteer to organise debates

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