A message from Tim Sebastian

As the Arab world undergoes rapid and fundamental political change, one programme - based in the heart of the turbulent, ongoing events in Cairo and Tunis – is demanding answers to the vital questions surrounding these developments: The New Arab Debates.

Building on a 7-year track record in Middle East debating, The New Arab Debates with Tim Sebastian are well-positioned to continue promoting free speech in the region and tackling the most controversial issues.

Crucially, they are providing the only robust and independent platform of its kind from inside the post-revolution states, designed primarily for young Arabs to question their politics and politicians. The new movers and drivers.

We look for dramatic, passionate, cutting-edge discussions that identify the main currents of opinion in the new Arab societies, even as they begin to form.

Our preference is for speakers to be “players” – politicians or political/military officials, as well as influential thought leaders ready to engage in tough, uncompromising debate. No flowery philosophy, history lessons or intellectual flights of fancy.

We believe these sessions are an essential exercise in accountability and will help cement the citizens’ right to engage in the political arguments that affect their lives.